Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. Interested in open board positions? Contact us!



PTABoard Roster



Executive Committee Name Email
 President  Emily Langford  president@haggardpta.org
 1st VP (Membership)  Lindi Buscetta  membership@haggardpta.org
 2nd VP (Communications)  Amy Bowles  communications@haggardpta.org
 3rd VP (Ways and Means)  Margie Riddell  waysandmeans@haggardpta.org
 4th VP (Programs)  Aimee Pitts  programs@haggardpta.org
 5th VP (Hospitality)  Christina Ambers  hospitality@haggardpta.org
 6th  VP (Volunteers)  Shahr Kader  volunteers@haggardpta.org
 Secretary  Andrea Krause  secretary@haggardpta.org
 Treasurer  Lindy Breedon-Pearson  treasurer@haggardpta.org 
 Parliamentarian  Julie Spitzenberger  parliamentarian@haggardpta.org
 Standing Committees  Name  Email
 Legislative OPEN  legislative@haggardpta.org
 Community Outreach OPEN  communityoutreach@haggardpta.org
 Social chair OPEN  socialchair@haggardpta.org
 SAGE  Brett Schuler  sage@haggardpta.org
 Youth Protection & Safety/Red Ribbon Week  Cori Smith  redribbonweek@haggardpta.org
 School Store OPEN (pending school closure)  schoolstore@haggardpta.org
 Environmental OPEN   
 Special Committees  Name  Email
 Parent Education OPEN  
 Eagle Endowment Fund OPEN  eagleendowmentfund@haggardpta.org
 Adopt-A-Staff  Dawn DeJean  adoptastaff@haggardpta.org
 Career Day  Jessica Hood  careerday@haggardpta.org
 Website/Facebook  Breann Richardson  website@haggardpta.org
 School Supplies  Amy Locke  schoolsupplies@haggardpta.org
 Spirit Wear  Jennifer Kenneth  spiritwear@haggardpta.org
 BoxTops  OPEN  boxtops@haggardpta.org
 Grocery Incentives  OPEN  
 Spirit Nights  Aimee Pitts  spiritnights@haggardpta.org
 World Wear Bin OPEN  worldwearbin@haggardpta.org
 Arts in Education/Reflections OPEN  artsineducation@haggardpta.org
 Multicultural Awareness OPEN  multiculturalawareness@haggardpta.org
 8th Grade Social/Finale/Lunch OPEN  8thgradesocial@haggardpta.org