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By signing up to adopt a Haggard staff member you are agreeing to purchase FIVE GIFTS throughout the year to surprise your staff member with ANONYMOUSLY. Gifts will be dropped off in Septmeber, November, January, March and May. We ask that you keep the gifts between $10-$15 each to keep things consistent and fair for all staff memebers. Gifts should be dropped off in the office with the staff members name on them and from "your Haggard PTA pal". The gifts are given anonymously until the final gift in May. At that time you can reveal who you are to your adopt a staff person. In the past we have done gifts monthly but are trying something new this year so families aren't as overwhelmed by buying and delivering gifts. I will send out reminders each month as well. Thank you again for your help and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Also, we often struggle to fill the slots for sped and deaf ed so please consider adopting one or an extra staff member if you are able to. It is GREATLY appreciated.


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